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NOTICE: Main Gate Closed to Vehicle Traffic until Saturday March 23rd this year.

Due to the ongoing effort in fire and fuel management within the Park, the main gate will remain closed until March 23rd in order to ensure public safety.

Please be respectful of the residents who live near park entrances and park only in designated parking areas.

Facilitated Hikes

Would you like to learn how to identify trees, plants, flowers or fungi? Would you like to share your enjoyment of the park with Friends? Each year the Friends provide several guided hikes. Watch this space for upcoming hike dates. If you have a group that would be interested in a guided hike in the park, please Contact Us. Guided hikes are free of charge to members of the Friends and the general public.

New Map and Welcome Signs at the Main Parking Lot Information Shelter

Good news! The final two interpretive signs have been installed on the information shelter in the main parking lot.
These are the last of the signs the Friends have planned to provide information about the park, including its significance to First Nations, and a revised map with all the lookouts named, among other updates. Another important item, the Map sign recommends you look on the reverse side of the shelter for popular hike maps!

Info Shelter 20210323

Interpretive Signs Project Completed, 2019-2021

The Friends, in collaboration with BC Parks and Edley Signs, have put 11 signs in the park that provide information on the park’s history, park volunteers, woodland flowers, meadow flowers, trees, fungi, birds, popular hikes, and now the revised Map and Welcome signs. This year is the 100th anniversary of the designation of the park, so it’s really wonderful to have these final two signs in place.

Dogs Off Leash

In provincial parks like John Dean, dogs are required to be on leash. Due to a rising number of reports of hikers encountering aggressive off-leash dogs in ȽÁU,WELNEW / John Dean Park and Gowlland Tod Parks, BC Parks staff will be renewing its focus on this issue with a zero-tolerance policy and increased patrols. The minimum fine is $115 for hikers with off-leash dogs. If you walk your dog in ȽÁU,WELNEW / John Dean Park, please help the Rangers by setting a good example for other visitors. If you’re looking for an off-leash experience, please consider one of the CRD or municipal dog parks.

A No-Smoking Ban Is Now in Force

A no-smoking ban is now being enforced for all provincial parks (except for designated campsites) and includes all types of cigarettes (tobacco, cannabis, e-cigarettes).

Adopt a Trail Program Approved

The Friends are pleased to announce the Adopt a Trail program is now available to members. Adopting a trail is easy, and any member can participate. It involves picking up trash, removing small branches from the trails and reporting issues such as trees down, the need for trail repairs, or vandalism. Click on Adopt a Trail for more information. To participate, please Contact Us.